The Tapestry of Legend

The Tapestry of Legend: my humble display of material for Interactive Fiction gaming (aka role playing games). For those who don’t know about IF, I hope to put together a suitable description and introduction, but for now, I suggest web searching for “role playing game” or heading over to RPGNet. Right now, information is organized by game system, but I plan to get the campaign material split out at some point.

Essence: Custom Interactive Fiction System/Setting

Our rules tweaking will eventually evolve into a full system and setting. We’ve dubbed the system Essence, for now at least. It is far from complete, but we have set up an interesting enough draft system as a stepping stone, appropriately called Essence-Beta. Essence-Beta is something of a hybridization of Earthdawn and Ars Magica, and has worked reasonably well in a recent Earthdawn campaign. Feel free to review the draft, but be warned that no real effort has been made to make it complete or standalone.


While Essence-Beta certainly gets the bulk of our gaming time, we do occasionally continue an only lightly modified Earthdawn campaign. This has produced a fair bit of useful Earthdawn material, which is mostly all available here.

Ars Magica

We have a bunch of Ars Magica material that I’d like to see organized and put up here, if only to make it easier to look back at. Should that ever happen, appropriate links will appear here. On a personal note, I consider Ars Magica the best published game available, at least in it’s third edition.