Robert Braddock currently lives in Bethesda, MD, three cats: Loki, Fiona, and Albatross. Most of Robert’s web effort so far has gone to his RPG pages listed below, but he is working on getting some more useful personal information and pictures here in the future.

  • Tapestry of Legend: pages on role playing gaming (which might be better called “interactive fiction” or “dynamic fiction,” but it would seem those terms are taken by forms both less interactive and less dynamic). Some viewers might want to jump directly to the Earthdawn section which still has the bulk of the content.
  • Resume: Currently seeking employment in the Cincinnati, OH, area, as well as about anywhere else.
  • Kitties: My beasts enshrined on the web, like they don’t get enough attention as is. (What’s a personal page without pictures of cats, eh?)
  • Some random stuff in my file relay directory. Includes a couple Perl modules for SGML work and a (early development) playlist managing program, Aria-Flux, written in Python. There’ll be some Lisp stuff here as well, sometime.
  • fishfinderly-logoBesides spending time with his cats, Robert has recently taken an interest in fishing. He finds it therapeutic and enjoys the challenges that come with it. While he’s still a novice, he’s been making use of resources like Garmin Fish Finders to understand the nuances and get recommendations on the best fishing gear. Garmin Fish Finders, in particular, offers a variety of high-quality fish finders that have been aiding Robert in enhancing his fishing experience.