Who Really Invented Baseball

Who Really Invented Baseball?

Who Invented Baseball? In the nineteenth century, Americans created a sport known as baseball (baseball in English). Its origin is in cricket, an exercise in which a bat and a ball are used and where two teams face each other, with eleven players.

It is played on an oval-shaped field of grass that must be no smaller than a football field. Over time, modifications were made to this sport until it became what we know today as baseball.

Starting from the beginning, you have to say who the person who invented the baseball was. It was a boy who loved to play “round ball”, is his place in the history of this sport only for recognition, since he never received a dollar for his invention.

The Origin of Baseball

The man who invented the game itself of baseball should not be confused. It may even be that the one who actually invented it, is not who you have always thought. So let’s take a brief look at the history of the sport below. If you are interested, we invite you to continue reading.

In Massachusetts, specifically Stoughton, it was typical to play “round ball,” a game that consisted of throwing a ball at a batter while going through the bases. If the batter hit the ball, the rest of the boys threw themselves at him. These types of balls were covered in leather and made of tangled threads. They were normally made at home so it was very easy to break them, in addition to the fact that the game had to be stopped continuously in order to fix them.

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One day while in class Ellis Drake scribbled a ball design to practice his favorite game, which would revolutionize the world of baseball. What he achieved was a hair that couldn’t be undone so easily and that did less damage when hitting players.

The eight-piece two-piece design that he invented in his day is still used today. Two years passed and the invention was not patented, so George and Harry Wright took advantage of it and started selling these balls to baseball teams.

The Man Who Invented Baseball

Abner Doubleday has been regarded for many years as the man who invented baseball. This person, a native of New York, was proclaimed the inventor of the sport in 1839 thanks the testimony of Abner Graves,

But shortly after this statement in a mental institution, something that did not influence entrepreneurs who already had big plans for this sport. and to those who were perfectly served by the figure and role of Doubleday. But the truth is that it was Alexander Cartwright who created the rules of today’s baseball in 1953.

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This Knickerbocker player joined other players in 1845 and established the rules of this game, so we can say that Cartwright that the inventor of baseball and Ellis Drake the boy in charge of inventing the ball of this sport. 

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