The 1o most beautiful words in English

English is a language that has unusual origins, a fascinating history, and an incomparable vocabulary in terms of magnitude and variety. Although choosing the prettiest English words out of a vocabulary of approximately 750,000 words is not easy (yes, there are SO MANY English words!), We never shy away from a challenge.

We have asked our team of writers – native and non-native English speakers – to choose their all-time favorites, from the most authentically pretty to the most extravagant …

1. Bumblebee

Meaning: big, sociable hairy bumblebee that flies making a loud buzz (bumblebee)

Beautiful because: it is a very beautiful name for a very beautiful insect. “Onomatopoetic,” that is, it sounds like what it describes, a chubby bumblebee that hovers around and goes from flower to flower awkwardly (bumbling around)

2. Heaven

Meaning: the residence of God or, informally, the experience of absolute happiness

Nice because: it sounds heavenly. Sigh a little as you speak it out loud, and let the soft, delicate reverberations transport you directly to your own little slice of heaven

3. Although

Meaning: despite the fact that; However; but

Beautiful because: it expresses some type of conflict with great ease. Try to stretch the word as you say it to increase its power, or use it as a crutch when thinking about the answer to a statement you want to refute.

4. Wonder

Meaning: a feeling of amazement, caused by something beautiful or, as a verb, feeling curious

Nice because: the sound fits perfectly with the meaning. It’s easy to pronounce, it ends in an open, light way (no loud sounds), giving you room for your mind to wander (or wonder!)

5. Discombobulate

Meaning: to confuse or confuse (someone)

Nice because: the vocabulary gods took the letters out of a hat to make this word. It is so random that it is beautiful. It also creates wonderful anagrams: mix the letters and you will get names of music groups like “Abducted Mob Silo” and “Basic Doubt Model”, stars waiting for someone to discover them, don’t you think?

6. Belly button

Meaning: a person’s navel

Pretty because: she’s cute, cute, and a bit of a weird name for something that’s basically a scar. This must have been invented by a (very imaginative) child.

7. Fluffy

Meaning: lint covered; some synonyms are furry, shaggy, downy

Beautiful because: the Efes give lightness to the word, perfectly illustrating the adjective. Also, it is used to describe the most adorable things in life: dogs, cats, clouds, and pillows.

8. Silky

Meaning: silk or silk-like; smooth, fine, glossy

Nice because: it is another word that has to do with comfort. The one at the beginning of the word perfectly conveys the shiny and smooth texture of silk.

9. Phenomenal

Meaning: extraordinary, exceptional, exceptionally good

Nice because: Phe-nom-e-nal. Sounds good right? The four syllables roll off the tongue in such a delightfully rhythmic way that you will never again use the words remarkable or exceptional.

10. Unicorn

Meaning: mythological horse-like animal with a straight horn protruding from its forehead

Beautiful because: it is pure magic. A childhood favorite, and the theme of the evocatively beautiful song from the movie The Last Unicorn (look it up on YouTube!)