Who Invented America? – Christopher Columbus-The Spaniards, following most historians, insist that America was discovered by their fellow countryman Christopher Columbus. This event took place on October 12, 1492, when the navigator landed on the island of San Salvador. At the same time, Columbus himself believed that he had opened a new path to India. That is why the local population was nicknamed the Indians.

In the north of Europe, there are those who believe that the Vikings discovered America. And the harsh Scandinavians sailed there, led by the legendary Leif Erickson, long before the Spaniard – in 1000 AD. As evidence, proponents of this approach cite the remains of an ancient Viking settlement in the town of L’Anse aux Meadows in eastern Canada.

Commander of the crew of the papyrus boat “RA-2” Thor Heyerdahl. The 1970 year. Columbus XX century.

Thor Heyerdahl crossed two oceans, although he was afraid of water as a child Ancient Egyptians

However, there are also such Norwegians who believe that America could well have been discovered by the ancient Egyptians. This version was first put forward by Thor Heyerdahl when in 1970 he managed to cross the Atlantica on the papyrus boat Ra-2. Thus, the famous traveler in practice confirmed the validity of his own theory.

Ancient Mongols

In 2008, the Mongols unexpectedly entered the dispute over who discovered America. Professor of History from the University. Genghis Khan Sumiya Jambaldorj said that it was his relatives who were the first to land on a distant continent. And it happened as much as 25 thousand years ago. The scientist professor supports his theory by the fact that some names of American islands and lakes coincide with a number of words in the Mongolian language.

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