Who Invented Makeup – Makeup is a growing industry in the market. Its main objective is to provide a youthful and healthy appearance, hiding imperfections and enhancing the beauty of those who use it. However, cosmetics in general has developed some changes over time.

According to Luciana Monzon, there was a stage where its manufacture began to enter the field of chemical artificiality and even with harmful substances. However, in recent years new forms of consumption have been developed where people prefer “organic and natural” products without parabens.

Although they are more expensive products than the rest, new consumers maintain that they are a long-term investment, because they are less abrasive to the skin and prevent premature aging. Therefore, makeup is part of our daily life.

However, do we know the origin of his invention?

Who Invented Makeup?

The first to use it was the Egyptians. Cleopatra, for example, used a red lipstick that was made with the carmine of the beetles. However, the most notable use was for khol, which consisted of a combination of metals, lead, copper, ash, and burned almonds to delineate the eyes.

The Egyptians’ outline was common. The main function was to cure the evil eye and to drive away evil spirits. Also to protect the view from climatic variations in the desert. On the other hand, the Greeks and Romans painted their faces with powders made of minerals and ground stones.

Over the years, makeup lost relevance and from the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century it stopped being used. The only people who used it were lower-class women and prostitutes, who dared to wear color on their faces. While the upper-class women kept their faces natural and boasted of their paleness.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century when it began to be used. And it is that, at the end of the 1800s, portrait photography gained more popularity and the use of makeup became commonplace. But another factor that influenced makeup was the movies. Theater actors used to use it in their performances and caught the attention of the public.

However, a very dramatic makeup was used that was not appropriate for the cinema, so in 1914 the Max Factor company manufactured the first makeup base. Later, develop the lipsticks and the eyebrow liners. In 1920 they launched their products on the market due to the demand for women who wanted to look like movie actresses.

In 1915 another of the greats arrives: Maybelline. TJ William’s sister had developed the first mascara with petroleum jelly and charcoal powder. At the same time, Ford achieved a fast-drying improvement in the world of nail polishes. From the 1950s on, makeup became part of daily life.