Who Invented Volleyball – Volleyball is a sport that was originally called mignonette and was created on February 9, 1985, in Massachusetts, USA.

  • The inventor of this game was William George Morgan, who was a physical education teacher who was part of the Young Men’s Christian Association. Volleyball is also called according to the country volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, or volleyball.
  • The players in volleyball have as their main objective to send the ball over the net and make it touch the ground of the area of ​​the court assigned to the opposing team.
  • Volleyball was originally a game similar to handball and basketball but less aggressive since there is no contact between the players. As there are no frictions, it is an ideal sport for all types of people.
  • The rules in volleyball have changed a bit since its inception but it is basically the same game.
  • Each team consists of 6 players who can be replaced with each other.
  • In addition, each team has 6 substitute players.
  • The alignment on the court must be composed of three players who are in front of the net and carry out attacks and the remaining 3 are behind and defend the balls that they receive from the other team.
  • The playing field is a rectangle 18 meters long by 9 meters wide, it is divided in half by a central net that separates the playing area of ​​the two teams.
  • Inside the court, there are two sidelines and two background lines that mark the court establishing the limits within which they must be played.

The Ball has to be propelled with accurate touches between the players as it cannot be caught, caught or stopped during the game. The ball must always circulate between the players as they score points. Basic rules of volleyball To get a point the players must push the ball with their hands over the net and that it touches the floor of the opponent’s court area.

  1. Another way to score is if the ball touches the ground in your own court area, it is a point for the other team. If the ball falls outside the limits of the court due to a bad attack on the opposite side or by mistake when defending, it is a point for the opponent.
  2. When the team produces three hits allowed and the ball failed to pass into the opponent’s court, it is a point for the other team.
  3. Nor is it allowed by the rules that the same player hits the ball 2 times in a row.
  4. Each team must rotate appropriately because otherwise when serving if the order of the team is not adequate, it is counted as a point for the other team.
  5. If a player touches the net or the rods with his hands while trying to push the ball, it is a point for the opposing team.

By winning a point that team has the right to serve again. If the service is not well executed by the player, the player loses the possibility of service and the other team is the one who performs the service. The team changes sides of the field of play at point 15.

You cannot invade or pass into the area of ​​the playing field that corresponds to the opposing team. Each team can make only 3 touches and then must push the ball over the net.

The ball can be hit with the hands and arms, but other parts of the body can also be used. Today you can win a point and serve in the same play before it was not allowed in the previous rules.

A match is made up of 3, 4, and 5 sets or partials. Currently, the team that wins 3 sets is the one who gets the game. Upon reaching 25 points, a team wins the set and must have an advantage of 2 points with respect to the other team, eg 25 to 23.

In the event of a tie, points are continued to be scored until the difference of 2 points is reached. With this modality, the matches can last from less than 1 hour to more than 2.30 hours.

In each finished set, there is a change of field side and the first serve is alternated. It is possible to request 2 rest times lasting 30 seconds in each set. In these times the coach gives instructions about the game and the moves to follow. But it also allows players to rest a bit if the intensity of the game is high. The coach is the one who asks for the rest time.

The rest between each finished set is 3 minutes until the other set begins. A coach can make up to 6 player changes during the game, being able to do it individually or in pairs.

The game having legal rules is coordinated and controlled by the main referee who is sitting or standing on a platform next to one of the posts of the net. This referee marks the points, the violations, and the fouls committed by the players.

The referee may penalize players with cards for fouls.

If the foul is serious, the player can be thrown off the court and he can no longer continue in the game. The warning is verbal or through a signal given by the referee warning of improper but slight behavior to the player. When the fault is more serious, the player is given a yellow card and if it is very serious, a red card is sent off from the game. In some cases, the yellow and red cards are taken from the player together. Also, if the coach has an inappropriate behavior, he can be sanctioned and sent off for which he must go to the penalty area and cannot intervene in the game until the end of the set. In general, the fouls are not serious, and aggressive or violent behavior is not common since there is no contact between players from the different teams. Volleyball helps people who practice it to develop skills such as greater agility, speed and reflexes, strength, and, above all, coordinated teamwork. Players often talk to their teammates while playing to give directions but also to encourage and motivate themselves during the game. Volleyball today The international volleyball federation was founded in 1947.

The first men’s world championship was held in 1949 and the women’s in 1952.

In 1964 volleyball entered as an Olympic sport and remains to this day.

Also in the Olympics, there is beach volleyball since 1996. The most common volleyball is played indoors but can also be played outdoors. The other type of volleyball that is very popular is beach volleyball. Beach volleyball can be played in pairs or alone against each other individually.

Another version of this sport is sitting volleyball for people with motor disabilities since they play in wheelchairs. Volleyball is a very equal sport in terms of men’s and women’s competitions, both in the quality of the game and in its popularity.

The rules of the game are the same, for both genders.

This sport has the characteristic that it is very entertaining to play but also to watch, which is why volleyball matches are usually broadcast on TV, especially in important competitions.

Volleyball is a very dynamic and fun team game played on an amateur as well as a professional level. It is one of the most practiced sports in schools and sports clubs around the world by children and young people.

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