Who Invented Beer – Popularly known as the first civilized drink, beer has been enjoyed for many, but many years. If you have ever wondered who invented it, the answer will take you through a long journey through history, since its creation is associated with many people, although unfortunately, the first person who invented it is in anonymity. Considered the oldest recorded recipe in the world, it seems that the ancient Egyptians were in charge of documenting its brewing process for the first time, approximately in 5,000 BC These beers were made with pomegranates, dates, and indigenous herbs and they were used for religious ceremonies.

In any case, it is thought that the primitive cultures of Mesopotamia were the first to make beer, although there is no reliable evidence of this.

Later, beer would make its way from the Middle East to Europe through the Mediterranean to become a fundamental part of people’s lives, especially in northern Europe, becoming a very safe alternative to the polluted water of that time.

During the Middle Ages, it is thought that it is when modern beer first appeared, with practically all convents having a private brewery.

It was in the 12th century that hops began to be used as a flavoring and bitterness for this drink. Who Invented Beer? Brewing beer.

This drink arises from a process known as fermentation, in which a complex system that uses carbohydrates, usually in the form of starch and sugar, is used to prepare the beer.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, it was made faster thanks to Daniel Wheeler’s domed oven, which allowed brewers to control the darkness or lightness of the beer, and even to add different ingredients to achieve different flavors.

Beer types and flavors Over the years, this fermentation system has contributed to numerous improvements in the beer, especially when it comes to its style and taste. When it comes to clarity, the beers range from clear to robust, through low whites and dark lagers, as well as other color grades in between. Beer is also known for having different essences due to the yeast and the amount of it used in the fermentation process. On the other hand, the taste of beer ranges from sweet to bitter and most people have a preferred flavor of this drink.

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