Coca Cola is one of the most famous and consumed beverages today. It was invented by pharmacist John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, the United States in 1886.

Pemberton wanted to develop a syrup to combat digestive ailments but also to provide energy to the body. The drink he created began to be marketed at Jacobs Pharmacy and sold for 5 cents a glass.

As the months went by, he realized that his drink could become successful, which is why, together with his accountant Frank Robinson, they created the Coca Cola brand.

History of Coca Cola In 1891,

The Coca Cola Company was founded, the owner being Pemberton since he patented the formula for Coca Cola. But it was also composed of the pharmacist Asa Candler, John Candler, and Frank Robinson. After 2 years they registered the brand of this drink like Coca Cola.

Robinson was the one who designed the logo and the first corporate image of the company.

Pemberton sells Coca Cola to Asa Candler for $2,300 before he died.

It is later acquired by Griggs who was Pemberton’s son-in-law, the father of Coca Cola.

Candler was the one who developed important advertising campaigns and marketing strategies on this drink.

Its result was astonishing as it managed to increase sales by 4000% between the years 1890 and 1900. In this period, Coca-Cola was already sold in much of the United States and Canada.

It also began to market the syrup to other independent bottling companies. In 1886 the first advertisement for this new drink was launched and an advertisement is published in the Atlanta Journal that describes this new soft drink as Delicious, refreshing, stimulating and invigorating.”

This type of notice aroused the interest of thousands of people who began to taste and taste Coca Cola. This drink was an innovation since until then there was no soft drink with a similar taste at the time. As of 1893, Coca Cola was already sold worldwide. The sweet and refreshing taste really generated an incredible increase in demand.

The strategy that the Coca Cola company chose to sell this drink was to supply the soft drink concentrate to independent bottlers, who finished preparing the drink and then sold and distributed it.

That is why the consumption of this soft drink expanded so quickly in the world. In the early years of the 20th century, the company had already generated agreements with 400 plants that bottled Coca Cola within the United States but also abroad, in countries such as Panama, Cuba, among others. In the 1920s, the first 6-bottle box of Coca Cola was developed, which facilitated its transport and distribution.

Its consumption continued to grow year after year, thus exceeding the consumption of soda. In the 1940s, American soldiers who fought in World War II also drank Coca Cola and they helped popularize its consumption in other regions of the world. In these times the Coca-Cola can be created, one of its most emblematic containers of this drink. The original formula of Coca Cola is a true secret and is hidden in a bank in Atlanta.

The exact formula of Coca Cola is a mystery but it is known that it has caffeine, carbonated water, sugar, sweetener, or corn syrup, this varies according to the country a different sweetener is used. In addition to acidulant or phosphoric acid, coloring (ammonium sulfite caramel), vanilla extract, coconut, lemon juice, and vegetable extracts.

The plant extracts are speculated to be orange blossom, orange extract, lemon extract, cinnamon extract, coriander extract, neroli, nutmeg extract, and alcohol. There is no absolute certainty about all the ingredients that make up Coca Cola and according to the company, the key is the order in which the components are placed and mixed, which gives it its unique and appreciated flavor.

For years it was commented that one of the secret ingredients was a derivative of the coca plant and that it derives its name from there. But the company always denied and denied that its drink contains some cocaine among its ingredients. Coca-Cola today Coca Cola has been the most consumed effervescent drink in the world for decades.

It currently has around 24 million points of sale, ranging from large stores in major cities to small kiosks or shops in very remote rural areas. Coca-Cola is sold in 200 countries on 5 continents and it is estimated that 1.9 billion units are sold per day. Coca Cola Company is one of the most valuable and famous brands since they have the greatest knowledge of it worldwide since it is estimated that 94% of the global population knows about this drink.

Today there are several types of Coca Cola and among them is the classic one, but also Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola without caffeine, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Zero. The containers in which Coca Cola can be found are canned, glass, and plastic in different sizes.

These packages change according to the country or region of the world in which it is packaged. The success of the Coca Cola company was based on always creating new products but above all on designing a strong culture and image for the brand. Coca Cola campaigns are very intense and reach everyone. Advertising and marketing were essential for this company to grow so much and go global. The biggest competitor in the business of cola drinks worldwide is Pepsi, but Coca-Cola continues to reign in the empire of soft drinks as it is the drink that reaches the most places on the planet.

Coca-Cola was born as medicine but, although its inventor did not achieve its curative purposes, it leaves a huge legacy as this company became an iconic company of modern culture…

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