Who Invented The Blender –  It is said that originally the blender was not created for the function that it has today, that is, to mix food, both fruits and vegetables, and even make cocktails, but simply to prepare smoothies.

In any case, this small electrical appliance that has a container in which drinks are stirred and food is chopped, has now become an essential in all kitchens.

Today blenders have a cylinder-shaped design that has an electric motor incorporated, which are connected to a shaft of powerful blades with which to mix and grind the food that is introduced into them, something devised in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski and later, in 1935, improved his idea by Freud Osius.

This small but very useful appliance can be manual, although the most common is that they are electric.

A blender is used to prepare vegetable creams, purees and smoothies, as well as sauces and even to extract the juice of any fruit and vegetable.

If you want to know more information about his invention, we advise you to keep reading. A must-have small food mixing appliance: the blender As we have already said before, the blender was invented by the American Poplawski, of Polish origin and at first it was known as a “centrifugal kitchen appliance“.

History of the blender It took six years for Poplawski to build a device with which he was able to prepare his favorite shake in just a few minutes and in a very simple way: the malted shake.

And it is that the city of Racine, where the inventor lived, was the main producer of this food. For this reason and contrary to what may be thought, the origin of this appliance was not designed to blend vegetables or fruits, but only for the preparation of smoothies.

The success of the blender was favored by the popular Prohibition Law that was in force at that time in the United States and that prohibited the sale of alcohol, so that nothing more than it could be served legally, with smoothies and juices of fruits, in restaurants, cafes and the like.

But it was not until 1936 when Fred Waring, attending a demonstration of the operation of the blender, realized that with it he could prepare a daiquiri, his favorite drink. After some slight modifications supported financially by this musician, in a very short time, the new blender was presented with spectacular success and from that moment, in all shops and restaurants, there was a blender with which smoothies, juices, and drinks were prepared for all customers.

The evolution of the blender since then has been constant and thus in 1955 extra devices were added such as the ice crusher, a device for grinding coffee or a command with which the operating time is controlled and which caused sales to skyrocket.

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