Google is one of the most revolutionary inventions of our time.

  • The creators of Google are Larry Page and Sergei Brin.
  • These two young people were graduate students at Stanford University in 1996 where they started a project called Digital Library Project within the university environment.
  • In this project, they were designing and creating an algorithm for data search, which was originally called BackRub.
  • In 1997 they changed the name of the search engine or search engine and christened it Google.

Google’s original name is derived from gugol, a mathematical term that is 10 to the power of 100 (10 100 ).

This concept is quite unknown to most people, but the name sounds great so it was widely accepted. The goal of the new search engine was to use the new algorithm to organize a large amount of information that was on the web in those years. Google Origin Page and Brin founded the company Google Inc on September 4, 1998, which is its formal birth, only on paper, since September 27 of that same year is when they launched their search engine on the Internet.

This is when the search engine really started to work

  1. This date is considered by all the anniversary birthday of Google.
  2. The idea of ​​this new company was to compete with Altavista, which was at that time the most used search engine in those years.
  3. When Google launched, it had only 80 processors and 2 routers that began to work to be able to process and classify the information that existed on the web.
  4. Since this hardware was not enough, these two young men were trying to improve information search technology. But Larry and Sergey needed more money and since they could not find investors in the market, their family and friends helped to make them work for a few months.
  5. It was only in the summer of 1998 that they managed to find financing from Andy Bechtolsheim, who gave them a check for $ 100,000 as an investment made out to Google Inc.
  6. At that time Google Inc was not yet incorporated as a company, so they could not cash the check. Faced with this situation, Larry and Sergey looked for a location and registered Google Inc as a company legally.

In December 1998 Google Inc had its first office in Menlo Park, California. With the injection of money, Google began to increase its visits more and more every day, and in 1999 they received 10,000 visits a day.

In a short time, Google widely surpassed Altavista as the most used search engine because it was faster and more efficient to search for information for the user. In 1999 they received new investments that allowed them to move to a larger office in Mountain View, California, where Google is currently headquartered.

Google is one of the most important internet companies in the world. This company has diversified its products since it not only has the most efficient search engine used on the entire planet such as Google search, but it also has many other products.

I also bought YouTube several years ago, which is the largest video portal in the world. It also has several products and services that improve people’s lives. Google’s most successful product Gmail is the email with the highest capacity since it currently reaches 15 GB15, for this reason, it is one of the most used and popular in the world.

Google Chrome is the most used browser today due to its efficiency. Google Translate or Google Translate, this program allows you to translate text in many languages. In addition, this application has a voice recognition device so if a microphone is used it translates the word that is said. Google News, offers information from all over the world and on different topics such as current affairs, sports, politics, shows, etc. Google Play is the online store where you can access music, movies, books, and applications through electronic devices with the Android system.

Operating systems based on Linux and Android have been developed for these programs for cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Android is used by millions of phones, making it one of the most recognized operating systems today.

Google Maps offers scrollable images, but also photos obtained by satellite from all over the world, in addition, you can see routes between various locations, as well as images obtained through Google Street View. Google Earth is a program that allows you to view cartography generated through satellite photography. The maps of this application are formed by the superposition of satellite images, aerial photographs, geographic information from GIS data models of all regions of the planet. This program is available in a free version for mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers. The different maps and cartography programs are among the most complete that exist, which is why they are widely consulted by millions of users.

AdWords system is the online advertising medium widely used by millions of companies and organizations around the world, which is why it generates a huge amount of money income from this type of advertising. Google today Today Google is a subsidiary of the multinational company Alphabet Inc. This includes several companies with different services and technological products such as the internet, software, etc. Google is considered the best search engine in the history of the Internet since it is capable of processing millions of searches at the same time that Internet users from all over the world carry out. Google gives people the ability to access information, photos, data, etc. quickly and in an organized way.

Google has 1 million servers and data centers in various regions of the world. This search engine can process more than 1 billion searches daily. Google is headquartered in California.

But it also has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, India, and Japan. Until this year Google has approximately 60,000 employees in total. In 2016 Google has been considered one of the most valuable companies in the world and has a market value of 229,198 million dollars. Since 2015 Larry Page, one of the founders of Google is the president of the Alphabet company, a great company that includes Google and other companies in its domain. Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google is also part of Alphabet as the main CEO.

One of the causes of the success of the google company is that many of its products or services are free and easily accessible to people. Part of its profits are indirectly and it is for advertising. The other great reason why this company grows every day is constant innovation in the search to create new products and improve the ones it already has.

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